My Faves

Below are a list of my favorites.  Disclaimer: A lot of these items were sent to me for free for product review and that is how I became familiar with them.  However, I am being honest in that I truly do love these products and stand by them.  Other than receiving free product, I have not received any monetary compensation for any of these products. 

Nut Butters
- Krema Products
- Naturally Nutty
- Naturally More

- Clif Bars- chocolate chip peanut, chunky peanut butter.
- Perfect Foods Bar- definitely try carob chip and/or peanut butter
- Raw Crunch- these are the perfect afternoon snack.
- NuGo Bars- I liked their all natural bars.  They also have many other kinds to suit your taste buds.
- Honest Foods
- Zone Perfect Bars
- Luna Bars

Protein Powder
- Jay Robb- wow, this stuff is amazing. All natural, too!
- Sun warrior protein powder- another amazing all natural protein powder

Non Dairy Alternatives
- Turtle Mountain- I am addicted to their frozen treats

- Nicobella Organics- so yummy, you won't even know it's healthy
- Nibmor Chocolates

Greek Yogurts
- Chobani
- Stonyfield farms Oikos

Favorite Restaurants
- Not Your Average Joe's
- Cheesecake Factory
- PF Chang's
- Panera Bread

Meat Alternatives
- Five Star Foodies
- Lightlife
- Wildwood Organics
- Nasoya Tofu

Cottage Cheese
- Daisy

Grocery Stores
- Trader Joe's
- Russo's
- Whole Foods

- Don Sabrosa's