Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eggs, Eggs.... and More Eggs :)

My new obsession as of late has been eggs.  They are quick, easy to make (can't burn eggs!) and delicious.  They are low in calories (about 70-80 each, loaded with fats and protein, and no carbs!)

Packed in an omelet with tons of veggies (cheeseless):  I ordered this veggie omelet (egg beaters) from a restaurant (Deb's Diner in Salem, MA.  I highly recommend you try this place, the waitresses and owner are so nice!)

I made a spinach omelet at home that wasn't as delicious (more like scrambled eggs cooked with spinach).

Eggs with almond or other nut butters (I know I eat some pretty "weird" stuff, but I love this combo:

I also like making "egg pancakes."  I basically cook three whole eggs on a EVOO sprayed pan....  Cook on one side for a few minutes... once the eggs get hard, I flip it and then cook for another few minutes.  I keep them refrigerated and grab them on the go.