Sunday, December 30, 2012

Low carb tortillas

Part of the reason I miss my carbs is because I am a sandwich girl.  I love my bread.  But also because it's more convenient to eat at work and doesn't smell as offensive as my salmon, tuna and eggs (which I DON'T bring to work or else my co-workers will hate me).

I now make these low carb tortillas.  There are two types and they only require two ingredients each, although I have been experimenting with other flavors.

Each tortilla is about only 100 calories each!

Almond flour:  I use this one for my sandwich breads. 

- 12 grams almonds (crush up in magic bullet or sub almond flour)
- 1/3 cup egg whites.

Blend ingredients in magic bullet.  Then cook in a pan like an omelet and flip.  I have been experimenting with seasonings like garlic, pepper, and sugar-free Debbie benson seasonings.  The seasonings make a difference! 

Tortilla with turkey, mustard, shredded cabbage/carrot mix:


Coconut flour:  I prefer to use these as a sweet treat, as opposed to sandwich bread (doesn't go well with turkey, I like it with chicken better).  I REALLY like it with almond butter on top or coconut butter. 

- 1.5 tablespoons coconut flour
- 1/3 cup egg whites

Blend in bullet and cook like pancake. 

You can experiment with cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc.