Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sun Food "Wild Jungle Peanut Butter" Review

Note: Sun food sent me some yummy wild jungle peanut butter to sample. It was delicious- but then again, can peanut butter ever taste bad? :) I highly recommend this extra nutritious peanut butter. Thank you Sun Food!

As you can see from the jar, the ingredient list is minimal:

- organic amazonian jungle peanuts
- organic brazil nut oil
- himalayan pink sea salt

Sun Food specializes in selling organic, raw foods and superfoods. In addition, they also sell supplements and minerals, herbs and teas, cleansing and detox, healthy and beauty and juicers and appliances. Their website is very informative as well. It features a live chat, in case you have questions. It also features recipes and videos on superfoods. Be sure to check it out.

Foods sold include some of my favorites: coconut oil, nuts and seeds, nut and seed butters, cacao butter, dried fruit, hemp products, energy bars, oils, raw cereal, sea snacks... and much more!

This peanut butter is very smooth. I normally like crunchy, but this is a good topping on my veggies since it's like a sauce.

I used it as a topping on my turnip fries with cinnamon! Yum! :)