Sunday, July 31, 2011

Supreme Carb Conscious Bars

Thanks to Supreme Protein for sending me two boxes of their carb conscious bars to sample. Both bars ARE DELICIOUS! They taste like candy bars, and are a perfect treat anytime. (I am not going to lie, I can have these for breakfast, lunch or dinner)... and I have before. My only problem with them is they are so good, I usually want two! :) But seriously, these are a delicious and healthy snack for people on the go... as much as I love to cook during the week, I usually end up eating a lot of bars because they are not messy, require no tupperware, and they smell good (let's face it, chicken and cooked veggies smell horrible)... and I work closely with my fellow co-workers... so I am sure they appreciate it.

The two flavors they sent me were:
1.) peanut butter and jelly
2.) caramel nut chocolate

Both bars have 200 calories, 8 grams fat, 18 grams carbs and 15 grams protein.

However they come in a variety of other (delicious) flavors. I have had every one before.
1.) Peanut butter crunch
2.) cookies and cream
3.) rocky road brownie
4) peanut butter pretzel twist
5.) chocolate caramel cookie crunch

Is your mouth watering? They taste as good as they sound!