Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food on Purpose Review

Note: Thanks to the awesome people at "Food on Purpose"for sending me samples of their raw foods to sample. They sent me raw macaroons, flaxies, and aw macaroons. Food on Purpose was created in 2007 and features delicious products that are gluten free, organic, raw and all natural.

Their products are made with 'superfoods-' foods with high phytonutrient content. Think raw cacao, maca, raw cashews, nori and sunflower seeds.

I highly recommend you try these products. Not only are they super healthy, but very yummy. They will no disappoint....

Flaxies- There are three flavors:
1.) Savory- seeded, raw flax crackers with pumpkin & black sesame seeds
2.) Garlic- flax wit a hint of garlic
3.) Sante fe flaxies-
slightly spicy, raw, gluten-free flax crackers with cilantro & jalapeño

Oh my gosh... these are so delicious! Normally when I think 'flax crackers,' I think bleh! But these are seriously... VERY Delicious. Almost addicting!

Nori Chips- contains brazil nuts, garlic and maca root. These are delicious and crispy. And a whole bag is one serving and easy to take on the go. This is a nori wrapped in nut cheese. I is the perfect snack. So filling and so delicious.

1.) Sunny-roonies- lemon coconut raw macaroons
2.) Choco roonies- raw chocolate
3.) Birds in the nest- coconut macaroons with raspberry puree

These are perfect little desserts. I love the resealable bag. I highly recommend the choco roonies!! Dipped in peanut butter.

It's really hard to tell that these are so healthy!