Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"If You Care" Products

Thank you to If You Care for sending me a (VERY!) generous sample of their environmentally friendly products to review. These are just like regular items that we use, only more safe for the environment... and for you. For instance, in their baking paper, they use silicone coating (non-organic natural product), as opposed to Quilon, which is a heavy metal that, when incinerated, becomes toxic and leaves trace elements. In addition, silicone can be used several times. So, although it might be pricier, it is worth the investment!

Be sure to check out If You Care!

If You Care Products are:
· 100% unbleached paper products
· 100% recycled aluminum foil which can be used over and over again
· All manufactured materials are made from renewable resources
· Only vegetable-based inks are used for printing and graphics
· All packaging materials are made from recycled paper
· Landfill safe paper products
· Biodegradable paper products

They have the following items:
- Aluminum foil - 100% recycled!
- Coffee filters- comes in the following sizes: No. 2, No. 4, No. 6, No. 102, and Basket
- cheese cloth- (homemade Greek yogurt to come)
- firelighters - 100% Biomass, made from wood and vegetable oil
- cooking twine- no artificial fibers, endures up tot 484 degrees/ 250 degrees celsius, landfill safe and biodegradable and microwave safe.
Baking Products- no greasing is necessary as it's coated with 100% silicone (non organic, natural) and all items are 100% unbleached!
- Parchment paper
- Baking paper in sheets
- Baking cups- microwave safe!