Friday, November 5, 2010

Popcorn Indiana

Thanks to Popcorn Indiana for sending their all natural popcorn for me to sample. The popcorn comes in many awesome flavors, many of which I have never tried before, including the all natural bacon ranch and smoked cheddar cheese.

From their website: Our mission is to make the best tasting better-for-you snacks on the planet. We have our own facility, filled with honest-to-goodness corn that is specifically grown for popping. We have special kettles that are filled, by hand, one scoop at a time, by real people, who are carefully producing, oh-so-lovingly, the greatest popcorn you’ve ever had. That sentence had a lot of commas, so you know we’re serious. We have popcorn chefs who do nothing but dream up fantastic flavor combinations. What a gig! We live and breathe whole grain snacking!

Flavors include:
* aged white cheddar

* sea salt

* movie theatre

* cinnamon sugar kettlecorn

* sweet and tangy BBQ

* smoked cheddar

* buffalo cheddar

* bacon ranch

* all natural kettlecorn

I saw these at stop and shop today, but you can also check out great online deals here.