Friday, November 5, 2010

Crazy Camel Hummus

Thanks to Crazy Camel Hummus for sending delicious samples of their DESSERT hummus to sample. They sent the following flavors:

* peanut butter
* toasted almond
* caramel apple
* pumpkin pie
* maple walnut
* chocolate mousse

This hummus tastes so good. And they can go on almost anything, depending on the flavor you want. And you can not even taste the chickpea flavor. They are a delicious and healthy treat! You can spread on fruit and veggies, rice cakes, bread, in your oatmeal, or straight out of the container!

The hummus has 1/2 the fat of regular hummus and are gluten and dairy free. There are no artificial preservatives either. Check out their nutritional stats here.