Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trim Treads

Thanks to Trim Treads for sending me one of their fitness shoes to sample. These shoes are great! It feels like I am walking in high heels when I wear them, but they are so much more comfortable. I also like them because they make me feel taller :) These add a good inch to two inches to my size... seeing that I am only 5'1, this is a confidence booster.

These shoes were a hit at work, too! One of my co-workers practiced walking in them and she said "I need to get myself a pair of these."

From their website:
Wear your trim treads for 30 minutes a day for:
* lifted buns
* toned legs
* a stronger core
* better circulation
* perfect posture
* improved balance
* burning calories

Not only do they come in sandals, but they also come in other shoe-types, including boots, clogs, sandals... and they come in many colors, too!! Definitely be sure to check them out!