Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bex Runner

Thanks to Bex runner for sending me one of their innovative hand held cooling devices to use while exercising. Basically, it's an adjustable strap that fits around your hand with a small cooling pouch attached that rests comfortably in your palm. I put mine in the freezer the night before and used it the next morning (although it probably takes only a few hours). Basically, the gel freezes in the pouch and rests against your palm and acts as a cooling mechanism for your body. The gel stays cool up to 1 hour in use and the device is reusable for a year.

How does Bex runner work? According to this website, "The BEX Runner focuses on the unique radiator-like qualities of the palm of the hand. The key to this naturally occurring phenomenon is a unique system of blood vessels found beneath the palm surface, called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs), which brings heatedblood to the skin surface and returns cooled blood back to your body’s core. BEX Runner maximizes this phenomenon by keeping your body’s natural radiator (the palms) cool."

I wore this while I ran up and down the stairs this morning. I have taken a hiatus from running outside for a while, but this worked PERFECT when I was running up and down the stairs (working my buns!) Kept me cool in my hot stairwell (I live in a 7 story apartment complex).

I recommend you try this very awesome product! They sell for $49.99 on their website here

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