Saturday, July 24, 2010

Primal Strips

Thanks to Primal Strips for sending me a bunch of their primal strips! Although they look like beef jerky, they are actually meatless and vegan! They are made from soy, are high in protein and low in fat. Each strip has approximately 70-80 calories. Some flavors are made from soya, while others are made from seitan (wheat protein).

They come in the following flavors:

* Thai Peanut
* Hot and Spicy (shiitake mushrooms)
* Texas BBQ
* Teriyaki
* Mesquite and Lime
* Hickory Smoked

These are great to snack on at work or to take on the go. I keep a few stashed in my drawer at work for those nights I work late.

Check out their ingredients and nutritional starts here.

You can buy a box of 24 for $23.99 here.