Saturday, July 31, 2010

Manna Bread

Thanks to Manna Bread for sending me an overly generous amount of their organic, yeast free sprouted bread to sample. Wow, I love this bread. There are no sweeteners, oils, fats, salt, flour or other leavening agents added. Because of this, the bread is very dense and filling. It is a great high protein and high fiber snack. It is so delicious, you can eat it plain! I was surprised at how moist these breads are! Most sprouted bread taste dry.... but not this brand. I definitely recommend you try them!

Their bread comes in 9 different flavors:
* Banana Walnut Hemp
* Carrot Raisin
* Cinnamon Date
* Fig Fennel Flax
* Fruit and Nut
* Millet Rice
* Multi Grain
* Sunseed
* Whole Rye

In addition to these breads, Manna Organics also has a line of sourdough breads:
* Multi Grain Flax
* Bavarian Rye
* Sunny Sourdough

I definitely recommend you try these yummy breads. Click here for more info and where to buy.

My favorite so far is the fruit and nut. Look at the huge pieces of nuts in it. Soo good!