Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Van Holten's Pickles

I've been pickled!!!

Thanks to Van Holten's for sending me their "pickles in a pouch" and their "Big O" Queen sized snack olives. Pickles are nature's perfect food. So delicious and zero calories! I love them in sandwiches and on my salads.... or plain! I love these pickles and their flavors! SO creative! I never thought of flavord pickles, but these are yummy. I highly recommend them.

The pickles come in a pouch and don't need to be refrigerated.
Core flavors:
* Hearty Dill
* Kosher/zesty garlic
* Hot and Spicy
* Sour tart and tangy
* Sweet

Character line flavors include:
* Big Papa (hearty dill)
* Hot Mama (spicy hot)
* Little Pepe (pepino picante)
* Garlic Gus (zesty garlic)
* Sour Sis (tart and tangy)
* Lil' Sweetie (sweet)

Snack Olives
The big O plain olives come in two flavors: spicy and plain. They are only 42 calories per bag.

To compare the nutritionals, view the following chart: