Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spelt Right Baking

Thanks to Beth from Spelt Right Baking for sending me their breads to sample. They are made from spelt, which is a wheat alternative. They sell breads, bagels and pizza dough. They are vegan, all natural, certified koshet, and allergen-friendly (no nuts, no dairy, no soy, no eggs and no corn).

What is spelt?
Spelt (triticum spelta) is an ancient cousin of common wheat (triticum aestivum) likely tracing its origins back 5000 years to Mesopotamia. Popular in North America until the turn of the 20th Century, spelt recently has been re-discovered by North American consumers as a wonderful alternative to common wheat.

About Spelt Right
Spelt Right® is a small Maine company that specializes in baked goods made with organic spelt flour and other organic and all natural ingredients. The founders, Beth George, a Portland attorney who specialized for 10 years in representing children, and Tim Kane, a vice president of a local college, started Spelt Right as a result of the profound impact diet change made on their son’s life.

Please visit their online store here