Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simple Foods Soynut Butter

Thanks to Simple Foods soynut butter for sending me samples of two of their jars of soynut butter to review. I picked cinnamon sugar and chocolate and they were AWESOME picks! They come in other flavors, such as simple (no salt, no sugar), sea salted and slightly sweet. You can order in a 9 or 16 ounce jar... or 9 pound buckets!

This is PERFECT for people who love nut butters but have peanut allergies.

The soynut butters are peanut free, tree nut-free, organic, vegan and kosher! The soynut butter is made with palm stearin. Not to be confused with palm kernel oil, palm stearin is from the palm fruit and is a wonderful way to keep the oil from separating without adding hydrogenated oil, and it also helps extend shelf life by preserving the oils naturally.

They range in 190-200 calories per two tablespoons, 12-16 grams of fat and 10 grams protein! In addition, these are so delicious! I recommend you try them! check here for where you can purchase.