Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tibet Authentic Goji Berries

Thanks to Tibet Authentic Goji Berries for sending me their goji berries to sample. As the package states, goji berries are a true miracle food. And they are delicious! I topped mine on my oatmeal and egg whites this morning.

Goji Berries: There are more than forty different types of berries that are often referred to as goji berries, known in Tibet as pang jia. But Tibet Authentic's goji berry - the largest and most mature berry grown in the mountains of Tibet - is considered by ancient and modern-day doctors and scientists to be superior to all other goji berries, wolf berries and goji derivatives such as goji juice products. Only Tibet Authentic's goji berries have passed the Tibetan Medical College's rigorous quality selection criteria.

According to the Tibetan Medical College, the Company's goji berry.
* Will help you develop a stronger immune system, which means better resistance to illness
* Has anti-aging properties
* Will help you guard against cancer
* Brightens and improves your eyesight
* Nourishes your liver and kidneys
* Normalizes your blood pressure and blood sugar levels
* Assists with weight loss
* Lowers your cholesterol
* Slows hair loss and graying
* Rejuvenates your mind, your body, and your spirit