Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kathleen's Organics (Prepared Meals)

So, dinner tonight was courteous of Kathleen's Kitchen. My family, boyfriend and I enjoyed a wonderful already-prepared meal from Kathleen's Kitchen. Thanks to the company for sending me a couple of their meals to sample. My family and I were big fans of this company and the concept. You can come home from a busy day at work and have a delicious meal waiting at your doorstep. I highly recommend that you try these meals. These are great for busy people who want organic meals ready to eat at home. They are delicious and taste so fresh! We sampled all of the following (except the spanikopita and the mushroom barley soup). In addition to meals, you can also order holiday gifts, produce, dairy, meat, groceries, supplements and raw foods. To place your order, you can log onto and email or call your order in at 1-888-organic.

Organic chicken enchiladas: Two corn tortillas with organic black beans, organic free range chicken, organic tomato, organic onion, organic cilantro, organic jalapeno pepper, organic garlic, organic jack cheese, spring water, celtic sea salt, all slowly baked to perfection. Comes with fresh organic salsa and organic cheese on the side. Serves 1. Frozen.

From Kathleen's Kitchen this dish is rich and satisfying. Flaky, buttery organic phyllo dough, organic cottage cheese, organic eggs, organic spinach, organic onion, organic feta cheese, organic olive oil and organic garlic. Comes frozen; serve hot.

Organic Black Bean Enchilada's:
Two corn tortillas with black beans, tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, garlic, jack cheese, spring water, celtic sea salt, all slowly baked to perfection. Comes with fresh salsa and cheese on the side. Serves 1. Frozen.

I can not wait to try this salmon:

Asian Diamond Plate: Made to order: One large fresh, Thai roll (rice paper, organic romaine, organic napa cabbage, organic sliced carrots, organic peanut sauce.) 2 large slices of organic vegetarian sushi (organic ginger infused tempeh, steamed organic bok choi, organic carrots, organic sesame seeds, organic brown rice and organic tamari,) organic ginger dipping sauce and an organic fusion salad (organic red and napa cabbage and shredded organic carrots) with an organic basil mint dressing on the side.