Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diana's Banana Babies

OK, if you have been following my blog, you know that I love my frozen bananas. What's better than a frozen banana? A CHOCOLATE COVERED FROZEN BANANA. Thanks to Diana's Bananas for sending me these Banana Babies to sample. They come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate and peanuts. They also have full sized bananas, too! Diana's Bananas are ALL NATURAL and have only 130 calories each (babies). And they are very delicious. I highly recommend you try these!

For info on where to buy them, check it out here! You can also order online!

About Diana's Banana's (from their website)
Diana’s Bananas started in the mid-80s, as the delicious result of an inspired whim. There in our booth at The Taste of Chicago, the city’s yearly open-air food fest, we hit upon the idea of freezing a fresh, ripe banana and giving it a bath in delicious chocolatier-grade melted bar chocolate. We each took a bite and passed it around. Our taste buds leapt for joy... and we sprung into action.

We sent our team to the local supermarkets and cleaned them out of bananas. Around the clock, we melted chocolate, peeled bananas, inserted sticks, froze the bananas and dunked them in chocolate... oh, and we also sold the living daylights out of them. Ten days and 25,000 bananas later, we knew we had a hit on our hands.

At Diana’s Bananas, we do it right—making the finished product is a 14-step procedure that includes purchasing, testing, peeling, sizing, freezing and dipping—and you’ll taste the results of our hard work in every delicious bite!

Our team personally selects only fully ripe, creamy, sweet white bananas, which we quick freeze to -20 degrees fahrenheit. The result is an easy-to-bite banana with texture so smooth, you’ll think you’re eating ice cream.

After our quick freezing process, we dip the bananas in real bar chocolate. We never use chocolate flavored coatings or other inferior substitutes. The world’s best bananas deserve real chocolate—you do, too!