Saturday, March 13, 2010

Choc Alive! Truffles

Thanks to ChocAlive! for sending me their truffles to sample. They are raw, vegan, gluten free, organic, and have no refined sugars. And they tasted delicious! Chocolate is rich in magnesium and contains many healthy antioxidants. So, do yourself a favor and try these yummy treats. You can find out where to purchase from their website.

Flavors include:
* Pistachio
* Dark Chocolate
* Dark Chocolate Crunch
* Chocolate Chip Mint
* Coconut
* Almond

About ChocAlive! (From their website)
ChocAlive! is dedicated to creating the healthiest, most nutrient rich foods that are also undeniably and exquisitely delicious! All of our products are prepared in ways that honor the live, organic ingredients while providing an indulgent, delectable experience for the taste buds as well! We believe that it is incumbent upon us to educate our customers on the value and necessity of eating powerful and curative foods.

ChocAlive! is passionately committed to bringing an array of fabulously flavorful creations to our increasingly health-conscious society. We are proud and grateful to be shifting this healthy-delicious paradigm one extraordinary bite at a time. ENJOY!

Here is a sampling of some of the luscious, live ingredients that makes ChocAlive! so incomparable:
Raw Organic Ecuadorian Cacao (fair trade) - our cacao beans have a deep and intense chocolate flavor sure to please any and all chocolate lovers!
Raw Organic Coconut Butter - a melt in your mouth satisfying whole food consisting of coconut oil and coconut meat and brimming with dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.
Raw Organic Agave Nectar - coming straight from the Mexican agave plant, this beautiful rich golden nectar adds a decadent sweetness with a low glycemic index!
Raw Organic Dates - these luscious, sun-dried gems add fiber, sweetness, nutrients and texture "naturally!"

Check out their brochure!