Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Night Superbowl

Sunday Funday... OK, I have this weekly ritual. Every Sunday I get up at 8AM to go to my local farmers market and buy my fruits for the week. Why 8AM? Because the place is always jam-packed, especially on the weekends.

The name of the place is Russo's. They have RIDICULOUSLY cheap produce, dairy and meat and it's so frech. Check them out at

Today's first 3 meals are dedicated to Amy's Organics, who sent me a can of refried beans to sample. Thank you to Amy's Organics, the beans are awesome.

Meal 1: egg white, refried bean and veggie scramble with melted all natural low fat sargento cheese on top. I scrambled some egg whites and mixed with sauteed tomatoes, red onion and green pepper. I topped it with some Benson's all natural calypso spicy seasoning.

Meal 2: Huge garden Salad with Amy's refried beans, salsa, cheese and chicken.

Meal 3: Another refried bean, chicken and cheese bowl. I made it like my egg white bowl above, but subbed chicken instead.

Later on this afternoon, I had a frozen banana with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Frozen bananas are addicting!

AND Tonight's Dinner: Sushi! I went to New Ginza with my sweetheart. New Ginza is one of my fave local sushi restaurants. The employees are so nice. I got two orders of salmon sashimi, one order of tuna sashimi and we split a bowl of edamame. I love edamame.. with tons of soy sauce. Sorry, I didn;t take any pics :(

So, the person that parked in my spot... IS STILL in my spot. I had to park in the municipal lot tonight because my town doesn't allow over night parking, which stinks because i have to wake up at 6AM to run a few streets over to the lot to move my car. You know HOW cold it is in Boston at 6AM in the morning??? I would just feel really guilty if I get her towed, though. One more night and I am calling the towing company... I left a note on her car, but it looks like she hasn't left the apartment. I then called the police to call her (which they nicely did for me), but they couldn't get a hold of her. I also called the towing company to ask them not to tow my car, but they said they couldn't make any promises... I don't mean to complain, but I am exhausting all my options.... ughh...

superbowl sunday: well, I am not a fan of football, but my sweetheart is. The saints just stole the ball and it looks like they are now going to win, so I got to go cheer up the boyfriend.

Hope everyone has a good night!