Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peanut Butter Perfect Foods Bar (Product Review)

Note: Thanks to perfect Foods bar for sending me a bunch of their bars to sample. I am sure you remember way back when I posted a review on the cranberry bar. I said it was super delicious... WELL, THIS BAR IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. OK, so I actually gave one to my boyfriend, since the people at Perfect Foods Bar were generous and gave me a bunch of peanut butter flavored ones...well, I gave it to him a few days ago along with a bunch of other bars I had brought... and he called me yesterday after work...

him: "you gave me the most amazing bar ever and I ate it today at work and it was the best bar ever. I want to buy it. It tasted like a big bar of peanut butter."
me: "hmm? which one was that?"
him: "I don't know I can't remember the name of it but it was so, so good. Tell me the name so I can buy more. I left the wrapper on my desk and want to go out and find it."
me: "well what was the color of the wrapper?"
him: "I think blue" (he's a bit color blind).
me: "I don't know..."

So, today I am teaching in class and I opened one of these bars and took a bite of this yummy bar and immediately texted him after class. "OMG, this has to be the bar you were talking about, this is the most amazing peanut butter tastes like honey and peanut butter and is a huge bar."

him: "that must be it."
Me: "but the wrapper's yellow?"
him: "it was so good, I don't remember the wrapper."
me: "aweee.....too bad I am out of them" (wink, wink)

I texted him the picture of the wrapper and he confirmed... Sorry for the long story, but that just kinda sums up how good they are. If you like peanut butter, then these bars are for you.

One bar:
- 292 calories
- 16 grams fat
- 26 grams carbs
- 17 grams sugar
-18 grams protein

In addition, there are:
- no refined sugars
- gluten free
- soy free

Peanut Butter*, Raw Unheated Buddy Bee Honey*, Milk Protein, Egg Protein, Rice Protein, Dried Whole Food Powders (Sunflower Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Flax Seed*, Rice Bran*, Rose-Hip*, Orange*, Lemon*, Grapefruit*, Tomato*, Apple*, Bell Pepper, Papaya*, Mango*, Black Cherry, Cranberry, Fig, Alfalfa*, Celery*, Spinach*, Parsley*, Mint, Kelp*, Dulse*), Olive Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil*, Flax Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Almond Oil, and Rice Bran Oil. *denotes organic ingredients