Friday, February 19, 2010

Next Generation Organic Cheese

A big thanks to Next Generation Organic Dairy for sending me their cheese to review. I have already tasted the cheddar, and based on how it tastes, you will be sure to see these in many upcoming recipes and meals.

The difference between Next Generation and other cheeses (from their website):
"Our cheeses are produced using only certified organic raw milk. Many other companies pasteurize or heat-treat their milk to a level just under the legal level of pasteurization. This kills naturally occurring digestive enzymes in the milk that die at 115 degrees. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation,, pasteurization also diminishes and destroys vitamin content, denatures milk proteins, and is said to be associated with allergies, juvenile diabetes and lactose intolerance. Homogenization is said to be linked with heart disease. Ask your brand what temperature their milk is heated to. Not all organic dairy products are created equal. Next Generation only heats their milk to 102 degrees, the same temperature that it was when it was produced and milked from the cow. This light heating is necessary for coagulation to take place in the cheese making process.

All of our cheeses are tested for pathogens after they are produced and then again before they are released for sale. The only requirement by the FDA is that raw milk cheeses age a minimum of 60 days to bring down the pH of the cheese which kills pathogens if they exist naturally.
What this process does is create a true “raw” milk cheese, full of life and naturally occurring digestive enzymes. That is why true raw milk cheeses are not constipating and have a live robust flavor."

- Next Generation uses only special probiotics supplied by Ganeden BC30 to help aid digestion and support a healthy immune system.

To learn more about their next generation cheese, you can read about it here.

Flavors included:
- colby
- mild cheddar
- parsley cheddar
- cilantro garlic cheddar
- garlic parsley cheddar
- carribean cheddar
- mozarella

I have tried the cheddar so far and it was YUMMY! Only 110 calories, 9 grams far, 0 sugar, 0 trans fats and 7 grams of protein per stick!