Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don Sabrosa Salsas (Product Review)

Note: Thanks to Don Sabrosa for sending me a generous number of their ALL NATURAL gourmet salsa's to review. These are delicious! I love their unique flavors! I also loved how thick the salsa's were. (see second picture below). You will definitely see these in many of my meals. I highly recommend them.

They have 6 jars of salsa that they sell, with three main flavors (hot and mild versions):
- Blueberries, Peaches and Honey (hot and mild)- this was my favorite! It's nice and sweet. This unqiue blend of blueberries, peaches, and honey takes salsa to a new sweet and savory level that makes it truely one of a kind
- Black Bean and Corn (hot and mild)- Our latest delicious recipe. Taking a bold approach to salsa, this robust blend brings the true nature of salsa to your taste buds.
- Roasted Garlic (hot and mild)- A full flavored, rich compilation of the traditional salsa ingredients. A thick and chunky blend of everything you could hope for from a salsa.

From their website: "Using all natural ingredients, we produce the highest quality gourmet products that deliver great taste. Taking a unique blend of top grade fruits, herbs, and vegetables our salsas have been winning acclaim from people everywhere."

Who We Are
The Don Sabrosa Salsa Company is characterized as a developer of unique snack products catering to the discriminating consumer who demands a high degree of creativity and quality. We are striving to be recognized as a highly visible company in the gourmet snack food marketplace. We will continue to introduce products aimed directly at industry standard product brands and will become known for high quality, consistently great tasting, and healthy snack products.
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