Saturday, February 6, 2010

Arnold's Bread

Note: Thanks to Arnold's Bread for sending me coupons to purchase their bread. Arnold's has so much bread in my shopping market's aisle, it took me forever to narrow down to two. Too bad I didn't visit this site before going to the market. I decided to go with the double protein and the 100 calorie sandwich thins. I have had the thins before and LOVE them! And they are very popular with the healthy bloggers. The 100% whole wheat thins are one of my top bread choices out there. I wanted to buy TWO of them, but figured I should vary it up a bit....and then the "Double protein" caught my eye. Whenever I see high protein, I get excited :) I had never tried the protein bread before and was a little worried it would taste "off" because of the protein, but I couldn't taste the difference. Tasted like bread! I loved it. You will see these in many meals coming up :)

Double Protein:
This bread was super delicious.
1 slice has:
- 110 calories
- 1.5 grams fat
- 18 grams carbs
- 3 grams fiber
- 2 grams sugar
- 7 grams protein!
- No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
- No high fructose corn syrup

Whole Wheat thins:
One thin has
- 100 calories
- 1 gram fat
- 21 grams carbs
- 5 grams fiber
-2 grams sugar
- 5 grams protein