Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nicobella Truffles Review - Part 2

Note: So, I loved the nicobella truffles so much, I couldn't wait to come home from work today and try 2 more! I decided to freeze them and they were so awesome. These are a perfect treat. I really am super impressed that truffles that are so healthy taste so good! Amazing! So, the next two up were: 1.) walnut flaxseed crunch and 2.) Blueberry Almond.

Also, just to let you know Nicobella's Organics is having a Valentine's Day Special. Order 2 'duet' boxes of assorted truffles for $27 and $2 will be donated to the Happy Hearts Fund which helps the children victims of Haiti. You can learn more about this at

Walnut Flaxseed Crunch- this was absolutely amazing. It had a soft chewy center and a thick chocolate shell. So awesome. Only 60 calories per treat!

Ingredients: organic walnuts, organic and fair trade dark chocolate (cocoa beans+, cane sugar+, cocoa butter+, vanilla), organic cocoa butter+, organic brown rice syrup, organic flaxseeds, salt garnish

+fair trade

Nutrition Information-1 piece
Calories: 61
Carbohydrate: 3g
Protein: 1g
Fat: 5g

Blueberry Almond- Again, the more I try these chocolates, the more I love them :) Blueberry almond was awesome. And only 40 calories per piece! The picture below does the chocolate no justice. There was a piece of almond on top, but in my clumsiness, I dropped the chocolate on my plate and it fell off. There's another pic here.

Ingredients: organic and fair trade dark chocolate (cocoa beans+, cane sugar+, cocoabutter+, vanilla), organic blueberry nectar, organic dried blueberries, organic oat mik, organic raw agave nectar, organic almond, organic coconut oil, organic lemon juice

+fair trade

Nutrition Information-1 piece
Calories 40
Carbohydrate 3g
Protein 0.5g
Fat 3g