Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garlic Gold (Product Review)

Note: Thanks to Garlic Gold for sending me these wonderful garlic oil and nugget products to sample. These are AWESOME if you love garlic. I am a huge garlic lover, so I was excited to try these. I was SUPER IMPRESSED. I cooked a lot of my meals using their products today because they were so delicious. I tried all the items where I wrote in red. I have yet to try the oil and italian herb nuggets. However, I am OVERLY impressed by what I have tried so far. The oils and nuggets are great! I give these products two thumbs up!

For more info, visit http://www.garlicgold.com/.

The owner, Rinaldo Brutoco, is the founder, CEO and executive chef of Seven Oaks Ranch, the makers of Gold Garlic. "Seven Oaks Ranch is a 12.5 acre Organic ranch nestled in the Ojai Valley. Certified organic for more than seven years, The Ranch grows and distributes organic produce such as tomatoes, avocadoes, Meyer lemons, Hass avocadoes and of course, garlic. Proponents of sustainability, Seven Oaks utilizes solar electricity to power the ranch and when possible electric and hybrid vehicles, along with a long list of cutting edge sustainable farming practices. At it's production facility, also located in Ojai, Seven Oaks operates a certified organic kitchen, the only one we know of in Ventura County, where great care is taken to hand craft each of our products. (website description)"

Garlic Gold sells (with website descriptions):

* Garlic gold oil- The best tasting garlic infused organic extra-virgin olive oil...we guarantee it! Great for use at high heats, this subtle, unique oil is great for preparing your favorite dishes or as a bread dipping sauce. Sautee seafood or vegetables, marinade meats or drizzle it on a delicious crusty bread -- for instant garlic bread -- or on pizza. Delicious!

* Garlic Gold nuggets- Delicious, hand-made bits of toasted, mild, crunchy organic garlic. Sprinkle them on your favorite dishes. We've got a hunch you're going to love the crunch! These were super delicious. They add a nice crunch to every meal!

* Garlic Gold- The Gourmet Garlic Experience, toasted organic garlic with organic extra-virgin olive oil. It's great on anything but dessert. Enjoy Garlic Gold for pennies a serving. Just spoon it on and turn your meals in to an experience! Oil with crunchy bits of garlic in it. I have never had anything like it and it was awesome!

* Garlic Gold Parmesan nuggets- Gold Standard Exclusive! An incredible blend of our hand crafted, organic and delicious Garlic Gold® Nuggets with the fresh, rich taste of organic, Parmesan cheese. We've been making this for friends for years and they kept asking for more. So, now, we've made them for you! Sprinkle them on anything for a crunchy, delicious combination of two of the best foods we know! I couldn't agree with them more. Parmesan + garlic = AWESOME combo!

*Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets- Gold Standard Exclusive! An incredible blend of our hand crafted, organic and delicious Garlic Gold® Nuggets with the crisp, refreshing, incredible flavor of gourmet sea salt. We just discovered this weeks ago. Now we can't stop eating it. Another great product. Tastes much better than Garlic Salt.

* Garlic Gold Herb Italian Nuggets- If you love Italian seasonings and the rich, crisp taste and crunch of our Nuggets, you'll love Italian Herb Nuggets! A savory blend from our Founder Rinaldo, blended with our incredible Nuggets. Great spices for zip and crunchy Nuggets for texture.