Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Five Star Foodies Sloppy Joe's (Product Review)

Note: Thanks to Five StarFoodies for sending me their vegetarian sloppy Joe's to review. I can't emphasize any more how I am impressed with their vegetarian products. I could never give up meat, but if I ate this everyday I could easily "forget" that I wasn't eating meat :) And the container these come in make it easy to take on the go. I took mine to work and tossed 1/2 on a salad. These sloppy Joe's are all natural, vegetarian and vegan. I highly recommend you try these.

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Nutrition per 3.5 ounce: Calories: 190; Fat: 8 grams; trans fats: 0 grams, carbs: 17 grams; sugars: 9 grams; protein: 12 grams.