Saturday, January 16, 2010

Five Star Foodies (Product Review)

Note: Thanks to Valerie Williams, CEO of Five Star Foodies, and the Five Star Foodies Team for sending me the following AWESOME (ok, I have had 3 of the 6 items they have sent me and I am hooked) products to sample. All of Five Star Foodies products are vegetarian, vegan and 100% natural. I honestly could not believe HOW GOOD these products are. Although I am not vegetarian, I like looking for protein sources other than meat, because it gets old after a while. And these were just soo good. I was highly impressed with what I have tried so far (tofu egg salad, meatless grillers and save a chicken salad). I definitely recommend you try their products! Be on the lookout for my reviews as I sample them in recipes.

Company's mission(from their website): " provide ready made foods with a superior flavor profile while maintaining an emphasis on wholesome nutritious ingredients...Our Company offers you a 'tase of gourmet health' quick and easy, all natural and simply delicious!..."

Five Star foods sells:
* Artichoke Burgers
* Vegetarian Harvest Roast
* Gourmet Meatless Grillers
* Vegetarian Sloppy Joe
* Tofu Egg (free) Salad
* Save a Chicken Salad
* Ginger Cider
* Hibiscus Cider

To learn more about this awesome company, visit