Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Turtle Mountain Products (Product Review)

Note: I found a new company I absolutely love! Turtle Mountain! Thanks to Chris from Turtle Mountain for sending me coupons to sample some of their products. AMAZING!! I have tried three of the products so far and am hooked. And yes, trying one of them involved me eating dessert at 8 in the morning because I couldnt wait to try it. Again this company got the boyfriend's seal of approval as well! He even said "he couldn't tell the difference" between their dairy free desserts and regular ice cream.

Turtle Mountain sells both coconut milk based products and soy based products. They include coconut milk, yogurts, kefir, dairy free frozen desserts (very similar to ice cream!) and frozen sandwiches.

Be on the lookout for these items as I try them. In the meantime, for more information, visit the company at


Products That Deliver Turtle Mountain produces a variety of all natural dairy free frozen desserts and an incredibly rich and creamy dairy free yogurt. Our quality measures are world class; including an allergen prevention program that has set a new benchmark for the food industry.

Check out our growing range of product offerings designed to meet a variety of consumer needs.

Purely Decadent® Dairy Free super premium pints and novelties. Our Purely Decadent® Dairy Free pints are rich, dense and loaded with goodies. We’ve created 21 extraordinary flavors as well as totally indulgent stick bars and sandwiches for those on the go. Purely Decadent® Dairy Free is the world's first super premium non-dairy frozen dessert. To meet the needs of a growing number of consumers seeking gluten free products Turtle Mountain is proud to be the first in the world to introduce a number of Purely Decadent flavors that contain cookie dough or baked goodies that are 100% gluten free.

For those seeking a more organic experience, we offer Organic So Delicious® Dairy Free quarts which are the national market leader in non-dairy quarts and are available in 13 great tasting flavors. Organic So Delicious Dairy Free® is also available in novelties, a delightful range of sandwich and bar products for the perfect quick, healthy snack!

Our Organic Soy Delicious™ line features single serve novelties to include cookie sandwiches and traditional full size sandwiches.

So Delicious® Dairy Free features unique multi-pack novelties, including creamy bars and convenient mini sandwiches in an assortment of delectable flavors. In Spring of 2007 Turtle Mountain introduced So Delicious® Dairy Free Kidz Pops, child-size pops in fudge and assorted fruit flavors. Fruit sweetened and made with all natural ingredients, Kidz Pops are also free of the eight most common food allergens.

So Delicious® Dairy Free, Sugar Free stick bars are the world’s first all-natural diabetic friendly dairy-free frozen dessert. Unlike other low glycemic desserts, our So Delicious Dairy Free® Sugar Free products contain no artificial sweeteners and are a good source of dietary fiber and calcium.

Our fruit sweetened brand It's Soy Delicious® pints are available in a total of 14 yummy flavors for those who prefer a fruit sweetened dessert.

Additionally, we offer Sweet Nothings® novelties in single serve and multipack with zero fat calories.