Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tru Chocolate Giveaway!!!

Who wants to try some healthy, all natural chocolate? Only 36 calories a piece! My awesome boyfriend knows the owner of tru choclates and is hosting a giveaway of this bag of healthy chocolates.

From their website:
TRŪ Chocolate is made from organic cocoa beans and organic cocoa butter. It is a chocolate sweetened only with natural sweeteners. Some other chocolates are sweetened with evaporated cane sugar, artificial sweeteners and contain processed ingredients which reduce the value of cocoa.

It has no preservatives, white sugar, evaporated cane or hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, waxes or fillers. It is sweetened with Dentist recommended Xylitol and is Glycemic Friendly. It has it has no animal products in it so it is Vegan friendly and lactose free.

TRŪ Chocolate maintains the health-promoting benefits of the original cocoa and more. The proprietary herbal formula in TRŪ Chocolate boosts the health benefits of simple cocoa. Better yet, TRŪ Chocolate is unique in its abundance of antioxidants.

  • TRŪ Chocolate assists with weight loss programs.
  • TRŪ Chocolate is a great source of Antioxidants for kids by enjoying it as healthy snack.
  • TRŪ Chocolate is great for late night snacking anytime after meals.
  • TRŪ Chocolate is certified Kosher through the OK Rabbinical Certification Group
  • TRŪ Chocolate is diabetic friendly, gluten friendly, Celiac friendly and Vegan friendly
  • TRŪ Chocolate is rich in antioxidants an unprecedented ORAC rating of 3040 per piece! (Tested by Brunswick labs)
  • TRŪ Chocolate promotes healthy oral hygiene because it contains Dentist recommended Xylitol - a corn based natural sugar that is nearest to sugar (it is NOT high-fructose corn syrup)

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For more info on this yummy chocolate, visit http://www.truchocolate.com/