Saturday, December 19, 2009

SodaStream (Product Review)

Note: Ever make your own homemade soda? Did you know you could even do it? Thanks to Soda Stream for sending me this homemade soda maker! This is really neat! And if you are a huge soda drinker, you can save money by using this machine (only 20-25 cents for 12 ounce serving). Not only that, you no longer have to lug huge cans of soda from the grocery store and you don't have to store huge 24 pack cans of soda anymore.

In addition, Soda Stream generously sent me a bunch of their drink flavors to test as well. They have both diet and regular flavors. Some of their diet flavors are naturally flavored.

The first flavor I tried is the diet coke. It's NATURALLY FLAVORED! Me and my sister, another diet coke fan, both agreed that you couldn't tell the difference.

The machine is very easy to use. You just fill the bottle with water add syrup and carbonate it in the machine. Watch the video here on how to use it

This is the PERFECT gift for Christmas!