Saturday, December 26, 2009

Smart Dogs Egg White Scramble (Product Review)

Note: Are you vegetarian, but love hot dogs and/or are looking for high protein alternatives to meat? If so, Lightlife products are for you. I am super impressed by this company. All of their meat alternatives that I have had are super delicious.

Smart Dogs- when I was a kid, I was the hot dog eating champion. My parents say I could easily eat 5 or 6. I loved them. Well, as a became health conscious, I stopped eating them. The last one I had has got to be about 15 years ago. No joke. When I saw these, I just had to buy them. Brought back such memories :) I just loved these dogs. Although I really can't compare the to real hot dogs since it's been so long since I have had them, I can say that these are AWESOME! I love the macro's too. They are low fat, low carb, low sugar and super high in protein! One dog has 80 calories, 1 gram fat, 3 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, only 1 gram sugar and 15 grams protein! In addition, there are no trans fats and no cholestrol. It is very hard to beat these stats! In addition to being good for you, they are very yummy. You will not be disappointed.

Smart Dog Veggie Scramble

- 3 egg whites
- one jumbo smart dog
- veggies (green pepper, tomato, onion)

Directions: Dice veggies in small pieces. Micro for one minute until soft. Pour egg whites in a bowl and micro until cooked. Toss in veggies and sliced up jumbo dog. Micro for one more minute.