Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LightLife Products (Product Review)

Note: Thank you to LightLife for sending me coupons to select a few products to try. LightLife sells a variety of meatless products, ranging from hot dogs/sausages, deli, tempeh, ground, strips and tenders, burgers, breakfast items and entrees. There are a ton of products, it was so hard to choose which ones to purchase! If you are a vegetarian, they pretty much make every alternative to meat that there is out there!

I like Lightlife's products because they are all natural. They are perfect for vegetarians, as their products are loaded with protein. I know a lot of vegetarians worry about not having enough protein in their diet. In addition, there are no trans fats. A lot of their products are also fat free as well, for people watching their weight.

I like Lightlife as a company because they are devoted to more than just selling their product. Just visit their website where they discuss their involvement in charities as well as the environment. Since their beginning, they give at least 5% of their profits to charities. Pretty Cool!

The three I selected were (with descriptions from the Company's website):
1) Jumbo Smart Dogs- The world’s first FAT FREE hot dog. Real hot dog flavor with all the snap of a meat frank… without the fat, calories, and nitrites.

2) Smart Ground- Low fat with all the savory taste of juicy ground beef. Ready to use crumbles for pizza, tacos, stuffed peppers, shepherd’s pie and much more.

3) Smart Sausage- Where fork meets flamenco, these smoky, spicy sausages are born. Sauté a little bit of Spain, and add oomph to your omelette, punch to your paella and bang to your bun. Make 'em your best amigos and take your plates from Oh to Olé!

Be on the lookout for my specific review of these items as I sample them in recipes.

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