Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Benson's Gourmet Seasonings

Note: Thank you to Debbie from Benson's Gourmet Seasonings for sending me samples of her seasonings to review. I like Benson's seasonings because they are all natural, sugar free, have no MSG, no preservatives, but taste delicious! Full flavor without added junk! In addition, they are gluten/dairy/wheat free and contain no soy. Each seasoning has between 15 and 19 different herbs, spices and vegetables. There are no artificial ingredients! These are perfect for people who are on low sodium diets and don't want to taste bland food. I personally am not on a low sodium diet and I loved these seasonings on my salad and turnips. Please be on the lookout for recipes including these delicious seasonings!

Flavors include (with descriptions from website):

- Garlic and Herb Salt Free- is our most popular blend, for poultry, pork (lighter meats, fish, seafood), vegetables, lighter pasta dishes.

- Garlic and Herb Pepper Salt Free- for baking, broiling and barbeque. This is the most all around blend. Use on steaks, baked chicken, grilled fish, and fried potatoes.

- Mediterranean Salt Free- think of a hearty Italian seasoning with a little cumin

- Lemon and Herb Salt Free- use for fish and seafood dishes, salads, steamed vegetables.

- Jamaican Hot and Spicy Salt Free- not as hot as a true Jamaican Jerk seasoning but not wimpy. Good with everything.

- Table Tasty no Potassium Salt Substitute- an all natural, gourmet style, salt substitute. Many doctors tell their patients "No salt substitutes", that is because most salt substitutes are potassium chloride. Much of the heart and blood pressure medication is potassium based. Also, you might be supplementing with potassium. If you add potassium from salt substitutes you could throw off the benefits and be getting too much potassium. Bensons Table Tasty No Potassium Salt Substitute and will not interfere with your medications or dialysis. Table Tasty Salt Substitute tastes great and no bitter aftertaste.

- Wild Game and Beef Salt Free- for both big game, small game, even beef. A very aromatic blend.

- Bird and Poultry Salt Free- for game birds both upland birds and waterfowl as well as stuffings, even chicken and turkey. Smells like Thanksgiving.

- Tex Mex Chili- using 7 different chili peppers, for a well rounded, chili. We show you how to make chili with the best chili recipes for Venison chili, Vegetarian chili, Ground Turkey chili. Also use in tacos, ranch beans, a Spanish omelette, etc. Add this to Table Tasty Salt Substitute and get a very tasty Dorito like flavor, and it's salt free.

For more info, visit www.bensonsgourmetseasonings.com.