Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quorn Turk'y Burgers (Product Review)

Quorn has recently come out with its first "turk'y burger," (a meatless and soy free turk'y burger). These burgers are only 90 calories each and have 1/2 the fat of regular turkey burgers. In addition, they are all natural. They had the texture of ground turkey. If you hadn't told me, I would not have guessed they were meat free. Unlike other popular meat free product lines, Quorn makes it's burgers from mycoprotein. Since there are not a lot of seasonings on it, this burger can be a great addition to almost any meal, including salads, soups, stirfries, or just plain on a burger bun. I definitely recommend you try these turk'y burgers! Even if you are a meat eater, these are a nice change to the traditional turkey and chicken.

What is Mycoprotein?
* Mycoprotein is a fungus which contains high-quality protein, enabling us to offer an alternative, purely vegetarian source of protein to meat. It is high quality because it has all 9 essential amino acids.

* Mycoprotein is naturally low in fat.

* Mycoprotein also contains very few calories, so we can bring you foods which deliver on taste but which don’t max out on the calorie content.

* Mycoprotein also contains essential dietary fiber, which as we all know, helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

* Mycoprotein contains zero cholesterol.

* Mycoprotein is completely meat-free and soy-free.

Per serving
Calories: 90
Protein: 10 g
Carbohydrate: 6g
Fiber: 2g
Sugars: 0g
Fat: 4g
Saturated Fat: 0.5g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 5mg
Sodium: 200mg

Ingredients: Mycoprotein (47%), rehydrated egg white, wheat flour, onion, canola oil, textured wheat protein. Contains 2% or less of natural flavors from non-meat sources, tapioca starch, salt, pectin, sodium alginate (seaweed extract)Made from natural ingredients.

with some dijon mustard:

In Soup: