Friday, November 6, 2009

Promax Bars

Note: Thanks to Promax, I got to sample 3 of their bars. These bars were super delicious and tasted more like a trea than an energy bar. Only 70 calories per bar and 5 grams of protein each! I also liked that they are all natural as well and have NO high fructose corn syrup. I highly recommend you try these bars!

Bar flavors include:
Nutty Butter Crisp: This was by far my favorite bar. Obviously, it was chocolate peanut butter combination. It has a sweet peanutty taste and a chocolate coating. It was sweeter than the other bars. This bar had a bit of a crunch to it that I liked.

Cookies 'N Cream: This was my second favorite. It had a chocolate center and a white chocolate-like coating. The middle was chewy and did smell a bit like an oreo cookie.

Double Fudge Brownie: Last but not least, the double fudge brownie. This was very chocolatey and very delicious. Both the coating and the inside were chocolate based.

Either way, no matter which bar you choose, you can't go wrong... just a matter of what flavor you prefer.