Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet Curry and Apple Salad

Note: Using the delicious sweet curry sunflower seeds Kaia sent me, I made another salad with apple. I love the taste of curry and apple together. These sunflower seeds made a delicious salad topper.

Kaia Sweet Curry Sunflower Seeds
Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds*, raw agave nectar*, curry powder*, wheat-free tamari*, cumin powder*, garlic powder*, cayenne pepper*, and sea salt. (*organic)


Sweet Curry and Apple Salad

- premade salad (mine had lettuce, tomato, cukes, carrots and green pepper)
- 1 oz Kaia Foods sweet curry sunflower seeds
- chopped apple (any variety will do)
- balsamic vinegar mixed with applesauce (the sweetness of the applesauce offsets the acidity of the balsamic vinegar)

My big bag of lettuce :)