Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kaia Foods Fruit Leather (Product Review)

Note: Thank you to Nick Kelley, Founder of Kaia Foods (one of my favorite new companies!) for sending me these fruit leather snacks. They remind me of fruit rollups but are a lot more chew-ier. However, I didn't mind the texture at all. I would take these over fruit rollups any day! These snacks are raw and gluten free and contain only 30 calories a pack. There is no added sugar as well. And they are individually packaged for an easy snack on the go. I recommend you try these.

There are 3 flavors and their ingredients:
1.) Spiced Apple - apple, banana, spice blend; these are perfectly spiced!
2.) Goji Orange- orange, banana, goji berries
3.) Vanilla Pear- pear, vanilla, banana extract

These fruit leathers have not been updated on their website yet, but for more info on kaia foods, visit http://www.kaiafoods.com/.