Monday, November 16, 2009

The Good On Ya Bar (Product Review)

Note: Thanks to Kris Fillat, founder of the GoodOnYa! Bars, for sending me "GoodOnYa" bars to sample. So far, I have had the peanut butter dark chocolate (obviously) and it was delicious! It was a nice and dense bar that was yummy. I loved the chocolate in the middle of the bar. (and although I call it a bar, it tasted like a cookie). One bar has 273 calories, 14.8 grams fat, 22.9 grams of carbs, and 10 grams of protein. I highly recommend you try these yummy flavor. Be on the lookout for my review of other flavors.

The owner, Kris Fillat, is a very impressive lady. She is a former Olympic Athlete who played Field Hockey on the US National Team for 11 years. Now, she is the owner of 4 delis in San Diego... read the excerpt below regarding their food philosophy.

From their website:
Our entire deli menu is selected with the health of our customers in mind. We are constantly looking for better, healthier, unprocessed alternatives. Our bread and tortillas are Organic, our meat is minimally processed and totally natural. We even use hormone free milk and Organic and/or Fair Trade Coffee. We care about what we eat and we care about you.

This nutrition bar is unlike any other on the market. Our motto is “Every Ingredient Matters” because every single thing that goes into each organic nutrition bar has a nutritional purpose. You can read about each of our Organic Nutrition Energy Bars by clicking on the link. There are no fillers. Other companies bulk up their bars with things like puffed brown rice. Sounds healthy, and it’s not that it’s bad for you, it’s just nothing. It’s air. It’s a filler. Our bar weighs 57g, and when you see one you will notice the size. There are bars out there that are 3x as big and weigh 40g.

It is a protein bar, a fiber bar, a snack bar, an energy bar, a nutrition bar. It's food! Our Original Organic Maple Dark Chocolate has 24% of the fiber you need in a day and 7.6g of bio-available protein in only 2oz's. It tastes so good someone told us when we were starting out we could market it as a healthy chocolate chip cookie. And if you are reading this you probably already know how delicious it is. But we want you to feel good about what you are eating and who you are supporting. We will never cut corners. Our goal is education. Health. Our goal is nutrition.
"Every Ingredient Matters"... you matter.

The bars come in three flavors:
  • Maple Dark Chocolate

  • Peanut Butter Honey
  • Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

Not only are their bars all natural, but their wrappers are safe for the environment, too. GoodOnYa is the first company in the world to use NatureFlex™ for a bar wrapper.
- It comes from a sustainable source of wood and veggies.
- It's certified biodegradable.
- It's shiny and looks great
- And it's the change the whole world needs to make.

For more information on Goodonyabars or Kris's delis, visit or