Monday, November 2, 2009

Food Should Taste Good - Sweet Potato Chips (Product Review)

Note: OH WOW, these are AMAZING! I want to say "thanks" to the awesome people at a local company called "Food Should Taste Good." They sent me coupons to purchase three bags... This is my first bag- Sweet Potato! And it was a sweeeet choice! I loved it!

These chips have many health benefits:

-all natural

- kosher

- no MSG

- low sodium

- trans fat free

- gluten free

-lactose free

- no preservatives

-cholesterol free

My review: These chips were very good! I loved that they also sort of tasted (and had a texture) like a cracker as opposed to a greasy chip. I ate a handful before I went running and it wasn't too heavy on my stomach. The sweet potato tasted a bit sweeter than regular chips as one would expect. I love sweet potatoes and you can taste the flavor in it. Also, they weren't too salty like regular chips. Although they do taste healthier than a regular chip, they don't taste like a "healthy" chip, like other baked varieties do. I give these two thumbs up! I will be definitely be purchasing these instead of my normal chips.

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