Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clif Bar- Banana Nut Bread (Product Review)

Note: Now that I am going to start training for a marathon, you will be seeing a lot of clif bars making an appearance on my site! I LOVE Clif bars, they are one of my favorite bars to eat on training runs. They are easy to digest, they are all natural, and they taste so good! I always thought the chocolate chip peanut crunch tasted like a cookie. And the peanut butter is to die for.

Banana nut bread: Banana nut bread was excellent!!! (Not surprisingly, based on the other flavors I tried). It had chunks of nuts, pieces of chocolate chips and was nice and moist. The clif bar satisfied my sweet tooth. I had it as a morning snack and it kept me full all morning, even though I was late to eat lunch today! I really recommend this flavor. Definitely try it out!

calories: 240
carbs: 42 grams
dietary fiber: 4 grams
protein: 9 grams