Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chia Seeds Giveaway!!

Don from Chia Seeds Direct (http://www.chiaseedsdirect.com/) was nice enough to send me a 1/2 pound bag of chia seeds to sample. And he was VERY nice to allow me to do a 3 pound bag giveaway of chia seeds (More on the giveaway later)!

What are chia seeds?
Chia seeds are the new popular health food seed. They are packed with protein, omega-3 oil, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and calcium.

According to thechiaseed.com, chia seeds are known to provide the following benefits:
* Nutritious- On top of the fact that chia seeds have more omega-3 than anyother natural source, they are loaded with antioxidants, calcium,protein, fiber, and many other vitamins & minerals.
* Energizing- Not only do chia seeds give you a boost of energy that lasts,they also provide stamina and endurance. A single tablespooncould sustain Aztec warriors for an entire day.
* Reduce cravings- Because chia seeds absorb so much water and have high soluble fiber levels, they help release natural, unrefined carbohydrate energy slowly into the bloodstream.
* easily digestible- Unlike flax seed, chia seeds do not have to be ground up beforeyou ingest them. The human body can easily digest chia seeds, and with about 7 grams of fiber per serving, they actually help.
* Convenient and versatile- You can eat chia seeds straight from the bag, mix them with your favorite drink, add them to your cereal or salad, and just about anything else.
* Last long- Chia seeds last for years so stock up now!

Nutritional Info for one serving (one ounce - 28 grams)
Calories: 138 calories
Total Fat: 9 grams
Carbs: 12 grams
Fiber: 11 grams (!!!)
Protein: 4 grams

Here are some articles I read about the chia seed:


So, WHO wants to win a WHOPPING 3 POUND bag?

OK, there are a number of ways to enter. You can double or triple or quadruple your entry if you do more than one of the following (just make sure you leave a comment telling me)
1.) Leave a comment regarding how you would use the chia seeds (yogurt, cereal, etc)
2.) Become a follower (or let me know if you are one already)
3.) add Eatoxygen to your blog roll. (please send link)
4.) Announce this giveaway on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. (please link)
Winner will be announced THIS Saturday, November 14th!!