Wednesday, November 4, 2009

18 Rabbits Funky Figs and Cherries Bar (Product Bar)

Note: I tried 18 Rabbits "Funky Figs and Cherries" bar today. Thank you 18 rabbits for sending me this sample.

From the looks of it, this bar reminded me of an oversized granola bar, but it was even tastier! (AND minus the chemicals and processed junk in other bars out on the market- a HUGE PLUS). The bars are made with ORGANIC mission figs, flax and pumpkin seeds. The bar definitely had more dried fruit than the average granola bar (as you can tell from the pics below). It was nice and soft and moist, but the nuts give it a nice crunch. And it was sweet enough to satisy my sweet tooth. Although it's a health bar, it doesn't have that "too healthy" taste to it. I ate this pre workout and it definitely kept me energized for my run! I recommend you try this yummy bar! I am looking forward to trying the other flavors!

Benefits of the Bar:

- wheat free

- no trans fat

- sweetened with natural unrefined sugars

- free of sulfur dioxide (a preservative used to keep dried fruit's color)


Go to for more information about this product and company!

Serving size: one bar
Calories: 220
Total fat: 9 grams
Carbs: 32 grams
Protein: 4 grams