Saturday, October 31, 2009

Naturally More (Product review)

Note: The people at Naturally More were nice enough to send me two jars to sample- one Almond butter, one peanut butter. I am in HEAVEN! You will be seeing this in MANY recipes coming up soon.

About Naturally More Peanut Butter (from their website):
Naturally More is all-natural, contains no cholesterol, and has no trans fats. Naturally More's unique formula has a peanut butter base fortified with flax seed, flax oil and other nutrients to provide all the protein and essential fats needed to keep the body naturally balanced. While normal peanut butter is almost exclusively monounsaturated fat, Naturally More contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It’s What Peanut Butter Should Be!

- 4 grams of dietary fiber
- 4 net carbs
- 10 grams of protein

In addition, compared to regular peanut butter, they have
- 50% more fiber
- 25% more protein
- 20% fewer carbs
- no trans fats

To learn more about this product, visit them at