Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kim's Magic Pop Update- Purchasing

Hi Everyone,

I got some info on how to purchase Kim's Magic Pop since I got a few emails regarding it. They are in the process of trying to set something up online.

Actual email:

Actually, we do not have a purchasing system on line yet but currently we are trying to renew our website (www.kimsmagicpop.com). It will be soon that customers could meet Kim's magic pop on line. However, we sell 6packs of Magic Pop(15pcs/pack) as a set and it costs $22.00 including Shipping and handling charge. We only accept a check now and as soon as we get a check from customers, we freshly pop and send Kim's Magic Pop to them.

If you would like to contact them directly regarding the purchase of a set, one of the employees name is Sunny Cho. Her email is sunny@deliceusa.com. Very nice woman!

Again, I highly recommend this product :) If you google Kim's Magic Pop, you will hear rave reviews about the product!