Monday, October 26, 2009

Kathy's Krackers (Product Review)

Note: I came home from work and had these wonderful crackers at home waiting for me. I had never had raw crackers before and these are awesome. I sampled a bit of each. Thank you to Kathy's Krackers for sending me samples!!

Kathy's Krackers come in 3 flavors:
- Savory
- Salsa (which are spicy)
- Apple Cinnamon (slightly sweetened with a touch of stevia)

The crackers are:
- Raw
- gluten free
- full of omega-3's
- Delicious!!!
- base ingredients include golden and brown flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds.

The main ingredient in all three varieties is flax. From their website, "Flax is an ancient plant found in northern climates whose seed oil is the richest known source of triple unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids... Flax oil has been used in natural programs for the treatment of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, PMS, arthritis and inflammatory and fibroid conditions. Flax is also an excellent source of mucilage and fiber. Flax is the richest known source of lignans, substances that have antiviral, anifungal, anti bacterial and anticancer properties. It is also rich in silica, needed for healthy skin, hair and ligaments as well as for flexible bones."

Stay tuned for more recipes using these Krackers.