Saturday, October 31, 2009

18 Rabbits (Product Review)

Note: 18Rabbits was very kind and sent me some bars to sample. I will be blogging more about each bar individually as I try them.

18 Rabbits sell both granola and granola bars. They are certified organic

The flavored granola bars include:
- Haute Diggity Date
- Cheeky Cherry Chocolate
- Nibble A Sultana
- Funky Figs and Cherries

Granola flavors are:
- Veritas Granola: Hazelnut, Walnut Flax with cacao nibs
- Gracious Granola: Pecan, Almond and Maple

18 Rabbit foods are:
- Sulfur dioxide free
- non- GMO
- 80-90% organic
- wheat free

To learn more about 18rabbit products, visit