Saturday, October 31, 2009

Musselman's (Product Review)

Note: Musselman's was very nice and spent me some of their "healthy pick" applesauces that contain no added sugar. Healthy picks applesauces provide a good source of fiber and calcium as well as antioxidants from "superfruits" like pomegrenates, acai berries and cupuacu. Be on the lookout for my reviews!

Flavors include:
1.) Blueberry Pomegrante
2.) Key Lime Cupuacu
3.) Raspberry Acai

Benefits of musselman's applesauce:
- naturally has no fat and is low in sodium
- every 4 ounce single serve cup equals one daily serving of fruit

For more information on musselman's applesauce, please visit

18 Rabbits (Product Review)

Note: 18Rabbits was very kind and sent me some bars to sample. I will be blogging more about each bar individually as I try them.

18 Rabbits sell both granola and granola bars. They are certified organic

The flavored granola bars include:
- Haute Diggity Date
- Cheeky Cherry Chocolate
- Nibble A Sultana
- Funky Figs and Cherries

Granola flavors are:
- Veritas Granola: Hazelnut, Walnut Flax with cacao nibs
- Gracious Granola: Pecan, Almond and Maple

18 Rabbit foods are:
- Sulfur dioxide free
- non- GMO
- 80-90% organic
- wheat free

To learn more about 18rabbit products, visit

Jay Robb (Product Review)

Note: The people from Jay Robb were nice enough to send me some samples of the Jay Robb Protein Powder. I first read about Jay Robb's protein powder from "Heather Eats Almond Butter." I love that girls site, she has quite a following. Anyways, I am VERY EXCITED to try these. Be on the lookout for my product review :)

Jay Robb's Flavored Whey Protein, is made with stevia and is from grass fed cows not treated with rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)
- 25 Grams of protein per serving
- No gluten, No msg, No casein, No artificial colors or flavors!

- They also offer unflavored whey protein Isolate for those with food sensitivities

Jay Robb sent me the following flavors:
- Vanilla
- Chocolate
- Strawberry
- Pina Colada
- Tropical Dreamsicle

In addition to whey protein powder, Jay Robb also sells premium egg white protein powder and JayBars.

For more info on Jay Robb's protein powders, visit their website at

Naturally More (Product review)

Note: The people at Naturally More were nice enough to send me two jars to sample- one Almond butter, one peanut butter. I am in HEAVEN! You will be seeing this in MANY recipes coming up soon.

About Naturally More Peanut Butter (from their website):
Naturally More is all-natural, contains no cholesterol, and has no trans fats. Naturally More's unique formula has a peanut butter base fortified with flax seed, flax oil and other nutrients to provide all the protein and essential fats needed to keep the body naturally balanced. While normal peanut butter is almost exclusively monounsaturated fat, Naturally More contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It’s What Peanut Butter Should Be!

- 4 grams of dietary fiber
- 4 net carbs
- 10 grams of protein

In addition, compared to regular peanut butter, they have
- 50% more fiber
- 25% more protein
- 20% fewer carbs
- no trans fats

To learn more about this product, visit them at

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Note: An easy, easy dish. 3 ingredients. You can eat it plain or throw it on a salad like I did.

- 6 ounces chicken
- small sprinkle of rosemary
- lemon juice

Directions: Sprinkle Rosemary and the juice of the lemon on the chicken.

Banana Pumpkin Loaf

Note: oh wow, this was good. I thought it would be dry, but the pumpkin and banana keep it moist. Will definitely recommend making this.

- 15 grams oats
- 15 grams wheat bran
- 1/4 cup pumpkin
- 1/2 banana
- 2 egg whites
- sprinkle of stevia baking blend
- cinnamon
- nutmeg

Directions: Mix all ingredients and bake in mini loaf pan (sprayed with Pam) in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Orange Garlic Lime Chicken

Note: This was awesome. I wasn't too sure how oranges and chicken would roll, but they go good together.

- 4 oz chicken
- orange
- lime
- 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
- chili powder

Directions: Start sauteeing garlic. Add chicken and seasoning. Drizzle lime over it. Once cooked, throw in tossed orange and sprinkle with more chili powder.

Banana Pumpkin Egg White Bowl

Note: This was just ok. If that. I had originally intended to make a cake, but it ended up turning to a pile of mush. I should have used less egg whites. I hate the texture at first and almost threw it out.. but I started not minding it after a few bites. I ended up eating the whole thing and it wasn't too bad, but not what I was intending.

- Banana, mashed
- 1/4 cup pumpkin
- 4 egg whites
- cinnamon
- nutmeg
- liquid vanilla stevia (or other sweeetener)

Directions: Mix all ingredients. Microwave until egg is cooked through.

Chicken Pear Cabbage Slaw

Note: Another one I am definitely making again

- 4 oz chicken
- red cabbage
- green cabbage
- carrot
- balsamic vinegar
- pear
- onion

directions: Cut up veggies. Add chicken. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar.

Ginger Pear Chicken

Note: DEFINITELY making this again... I love ginger and it mixed well with the sweetness of the pear.

- 3 oz chicken
- pear
- ginger powder (1/4- 1/2 teaspoon). Cook chicken with ginger powder. Add cut up pears when 50-60% cooked through.

Clif Bars - Thank You! (and Product Review)

Note: Have you ever had a Clif Bar? They are one of the BEST protein bars out there. When I used to run ultra marathons, these were a staple for me. I am very partial to the choc chip peanut crunch (as if that wasn't obvious if you know me), the chunky peanut butter, and the white chocolate macadamia nut.
Not only do I love the bars, but I love the company. They have that feel good factor for me, since they do a lot for the community and I love their natural philosophy about food.
Dean from Clif Bar was nice enough to send me some samples of clif bars I haven't tried yet. Be on the lookout for my product reviews.

* Maple nut
* Oatmeal Raisin Walnut
* Blueberry Crisp
* Banana nut bread
Benefits of the bars include:
- All natural
-70% organic ingredients
- 23 vitamins and minerals
- high in protein and fiber
- no trans fats
For more iinfo on Clif bar, visit them at

Food Should Taste Good Chips (Product Review)

Note: the people at were nice enough to send me coupons to sample three of their flavored potato chips. Be on the lookout for their review once i purchase their products.

About the Company (from their website): CEO and founder Pete Lescoe created FoodShouldTasteGood, Inc in 2006 with the goal of making a unique new snack with great taste, healthy ingredients, and sophisticated flavor - the qualities he is most passionate about in food. Based in Needham Heights, Massachusetts, FoodShouldTasteGood, Inc is a small company and growing fast.

With a brand name that says it all, FoodShouldTasteGood chips are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients baked into the chips. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have no trans fats and do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). They are also certified Kosher, lower in sodium and are a good source of dietary fiber. The chips combine the crunchiness of a chip, the crispiness of a cracker, and the dippability of a tortilla chip.

Flavors include
- Multigrain
- Sweet Potato
- Olive
- Jalapeno
- The Works!
- Buffalo
- Chocolate
- Potato & Chive
- Cinnamon
- Lime
- Yellow Corn

** The Company is also offering a $1 off coupon on our site to anyone that joins up for our fan club (**

GT's Kombucha and Synergy (Product Review)

Note: Millenium Products was nice enough to send me some coupons to try their Kombucha energy drinks. I have seen these drinks on a lot of blogs, but have never tried it. Be on the lookout for my review once I try them.
What is Kombucha?? Some call it a tea, some call it an elixir. Either way, it's a miracle,and it's been used around theworld for hundreds of years tohelp restore balance and vitality
Their two lines of drinks are:
- Organic Raw Kombucha
- Synergy Organic and Raw
Benefits of the drink
- Totally raw
- All natural
- Organic
- Naturally anti-bacterial/anti-fungal
- Low in carbohydrates
- Low calorie
- Naturally rejuvenating
- Vegan
- Kosher
For more information, visit them at

Chicken and Chickpea Salad

Note: This was super yummy! I love my huge kitchen sink salads :)

- 4 0z chicken
- 1/4 cup chickpeas
- tomato
- cucumber
- red onion green pepper
-dijon mustard

Directions: Cut up veggies. Mix with chicken, chickpeas, mustard. Top on lettuce leaves.