Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuna Slaw

Note: This was actually pretty good.. for tuna. I am loving the mount olive no sugar added pickle relish. It really makes the tuna taste yummy. In case you are newer to my blog, tuna is not my favorite protein plain, so I try to make recipes to make it tastier. I could eat chicken and other fish plain, but not tuna.. Anyways, here is the recipe...

- 5 oz tuna
- 2 tablespoons mount olive no sugar added pickle (If you don't have this, use double mustard)
- mustard (I like spicy) (1 tablespoon)
- cabbage (I used both green and red)
- carrot
- pickles

Directions: Dice veggies. Mix mustard , relish and tuna. Add in veggies.